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EVIDENCE! Israeli terrorism in #Palestine started in 1946

Burn. Israel.


RT @Pray4Pal: No matter it’s #Syria or #Palestine, Israeli Nature loves watching war
#Israel is a war criminal



Daphne and Thoren first met each other and got married in season 6 itself?


Well that’s my reaction to it:


Well, there have been many plot twists in Winx history. Maybe they do some Frozen-like thing and Thoren turns out to be a Hans.


Number 13.

Number 13

I was relaxing at home during a warm summer night. I was just lazing around since my mom went to work at 8 pm. I was just using my phone , looking up on Tumblr, looking for new wallpapers. This is the first time in the 15 years in my life, I have a three-storey home all to myself. In which, I was afraid as it was my first time being home alone.  Just for your information, I have a huge fear of the number 13, because my aunt died, after I seen the number 13 for three times. Even though I don’t believe in supernatural stuff and ghosts, my phobia of the number 13 takes is dominant in my head to this time. I looked around and realised that the time is already 21:13. I felt an eerie atmosphere around the house, that feeling was broken by a loud pinging in my head. I felt dizzy and the last thing I saw was  a mysterious body, with bloody eyes and a twisted mouth.

 ‘’Jessica, Jessica. ‘’ a loud voice yelled

‘’Wh-who are you?’’ I screamed

‘’Let us get to the bottom of this thing, you will never, I REPEAT, never be cured of this sickness’’

‘’See the number 13 two more times, and you will see me.’’

The vision/dream dissolved and I was back to the present world. I was shocked to see that the time stood still. Literally. It was still 2113. I was in a daze and the man’s words amplified around me and it echoed around my ears…

‘’See the number 13 two more times and you will see me.’’

I was petrified. I could not move from the spot I was standing. It was as if somebody was holding my leg and I could not run. For two minutes, I froze. 2115. I ran to snatch my iPhone. I looked down and it reads.


Hey! Great news you scored 13/15 for your test in Math! 2nd highest!

Received 2113.’’

The moment I saw the number. I went BEZERK. I rushed up to my room and slammed the door. Grabbed my phone and just tried to sleep. But I could not. The thought of seeing the third number 13 is scaring the shit out of me. I would say this is my first time dealing with supernatural stuff.

For the next hour… I was under my bed. I felt calm and I walked out of my room and went  out to the living room. And everything was clean. I don’t know why.  I was confused . Extremely blur.  I quickly looked down on my iPhone and looked at the date


13 June 2014’’


13 Missed Calls from  Mom.’’

‘’OH SHIT.’’ I exclaimed.

It felt like a whole other reality and that thing, it came to me and told me,

‘’Well,well ,well.. Jessica.. you have looked at 13 three times.’’

‘’Next victim: Margret Andrews.’’

‘’Oh no, Mom!’’  my heart whispered.

That thing showed me an image of mom working. I am really worried. I could not do anything about it. My thoughts ran through my head.

‘’What is going to happen to Mom?’’

‘’Will she ever be there to cook for me?’’

‘’Why is the world doing this to me?’’

‘’What did my mom do to deserve this treatment?’’


‘’Did she ever do anything bad?’’

My thoughts just flooded my brain.




" A donation no matter how big or small is still a donation. "



Sometimes my parents say I am too nice. I have been realising that and I think people has been taking advantage of my capabilities and skills. Yah, I know I have not been blogging in a while. Sorry bout’ that. I honestly think that people just love to take advantage of my kind hearted nature. Just because I am proficient in IT skills , you dump the work to me. Just because I have the magazine full of the questions that YOU are SUPPOSED to have, my magazine got lost and that person had no audacity to find where he last put it or even tell me what happened. *thank god it was found later.* I receive a message every Sunday, on queue without fail asking the homework, I mean what am I? A homework centre written with all the homeworks? These people just totally love to take advantage of me. Just because I am one of those quiet people who rarely shows their angry side doesn’t mean there are words on my face saying ”I will serve your every command, just dump all your work to me or just enquire?” There is a class WhatsApp group for a reason. Honestly, just because somebody has a weakness in saying ”NO” you people or I don’t even know if you are people or not, seriously really need to re-look on how YOU are treating me, oh, wait using me. I am the type of person who could not say no, but just because people are kind, you should not use it to your advantage/benefit. Like honestly, people who are doing that are the worst. WORST. They rely on you and promise to do something in return, but where did that promise go? Did it diffuse into the air with the ions and molecules onto the concentration gradient? Or did you deliberately do that just to lure me because of my nature. Before YOU do something, not just to me, to anyone at all, never and NEVER, use their weakness to YOUR advantage.

My quotes.. I made them. :) all credits go to owners and their pictures.