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Funny. Two sided friend. With her outside friends.. With her school friends….

Funny. Two sided friend. With her outside friends.. With her school friends….


Sometimes my parents say I am too nice. I have been realising that and I think people has been taking advantage of my capabilities and skills. Yah, I know I have not been blogging in a while. Sorry bout’ that. I honestly think that people just love to take advantage of my kind hearted nature. Just because I am proficient in IT skills , you dump the work to me. Just because I have the magazine full of the questions that YOU are SUPPOSED to have, my magazine got lost and that person had no audacity to find where he last put it or even tell me what happened. *thank god it was found later.* I receive a message every Sunday, on queue without fail asking the homework, I mean what am I? A homework centre written with all the homeworks? These people just totally love to take advantage of me. Just because I am one of those quiet people who rarely shows their angry side doesn’t mean there are words on my face saying ”I will serve your every command, just dump all your work to me or just enquire?” There is a class WhatsApp group for a reason. Honestly, just because somebody has a weakness in saying ”NO” you people or I don’t even know if you are people or not, seriously really need to re-look on how YOU are treating me, oh, wait using me. I am the type of person who could not say no, but just because people are kind, you should not use it to your advantage/benefit. Like honestly, people who are doing that are the worst. WORST. They rely on you and promise to do something in return, but where did that promise go? Did it diffuse into the air with the ions and molecules onto the concentration gradient? Or did you deliberately do that just to lure me because of my nature. Before YOU do something, not just to me, to anyone at all, never and NEVER, use their weakness to YOUR advantage.



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